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Have you built your house in accordance with the correct Vastu Shastra guidelines? You’ve made sure that everything is positioned correctly in the recommended directions by keeping the five natural elements in balance. Still, you might not achieve the intended outcomes. This could occur as a result of a frequently disregarded factor: the color choices made for particular areas. It’s crucial to comprehend the significance of colors in Vastu Shastra, even though you may already be aware of how important directions and the harmony of natural elements are.

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In addition to being beautiful and charming visual components that enhance our surroundings, colors are also strong forces that have a significant influence on our feelings, ideas, and behavior. A person’s health, wealth, happiness, and success are just a few of the aspects of their life that each color represents and influences differently. Vastu-recommended colors can help people create harmony, peace, and tranquility in their homes. The negative effects of each element can be reduced and the positive energy can be activated by using the right colors for each direction and zone.

Vastu Shastra, another name for Vedic Astrology, is an age-old science that balances energies by directing positive energy into our homes. It seeks to bestow prosperity, optimism, peace, and tranquillity. People have successfully used its principles to draw prosperity and good energy into their homes over the years.

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Living Room-There is a lot of energy exchanged here as the family spends time together or when guests come to visit. To make sure that everyone is in a good mood, this place should be lively and warm. For the living room, astrologers advise choosing warm, inviting colors like light green, beige, or yellow.

Bedroom-Everyone’s happy and private space, the bedroom is aware of all of our emotions—from joy to sorrow—through our strengths and weaknesses. It is actually aware of our true selves. Here, color selection is very important for reducing negative energies and thoughts. Colors in the blue, lavender, and light green family are ideal choices.

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Kitchen-As the hub of the house rather than just a room, the kitchen is regarded as a special location in our house. Here, food is lovingly and carefully prepared for every member of the family, nourishing both the body and the mind. Steer clear of black paint, marble, floor tiles, and kitchen roof tiles. Instead, choose hues like red, rose, orange, or yellow.

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Children room-Given that children are energetic beings, Vastu advises using bright, playful colors in their rooms, such as shades of pink, orange, yellow, or bright red.

Bathroom-We let go of negativity and embrace freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom. In this area, choosing neutral colors is a smart move.

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