All you need to know about the shampoo bars for healthy hair

shampoo Bars

A conventional hair cleaner in the shape of a bar is called a shampoo. When compared to liquid shampoos made with detergent, shampoo bars are better for your hair. Parabens, sulphates, silicon, and artificial scent are not used in their production. Your hair will sustain less damage, and they’ll become naturally healthy.

Benefits of using shampoo bars

Use shampoo bars for these reasons

1. It will resolve your problem with shampoo spills, cut down on plastic waste, and promote healthy hair.

2. These bars last longer than shampoos and are simple to use.

3. They are really mild to use and don’t include any harsh surfactants like sulphates (SLS)

The best shampoo bars in India

1. Earth Rhythm Murumuru butter shampoo bar- Mumumuru Butter coats coarse curls, making them more supple and manageable. It also moisturizes the hair with lasting hydration and defining curls it boosts the hydration and helps your curls to stay manageable, shiny and soft. It is plant based derived surfactant which is gently derived from coconut oil and improves hydration and moisture and texture. It will deeply conditions hair and reduces further dryness. it strengthens the hair and provide frizz free look.

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2. Pratha natural shampoo bar- it is made up with shikakai cleans the hair, adds shine and softness, fight with dandruff and gives stronger and thicker hair. It cleans the hair without drying and creates a fabulous lather. It promotes stronger and healthier new growth. It is made up with coconut milk which is widely used India as a deep conditioning treatment for hair and imparts silkiness and shine to hair. it has bringraj which is considered as the king of herbs for hair growth and helps strengthen the hair shaft and provides many more benefits.

3. Rustic Art organic Neem tulsi shampoo bar- it is a true worship your hair deserves and fighting off everything that damages your hair.  It will protect your hair and scalp any possible damage and further repair the already damaged hair as well. These bars are 100% soap free and biodegradable vegan and free of sulphates, parabens and silicones. It contains no synthetic color and damage it is suitable for all hair types and water efficient as well as it contain less water for cleaning hair.

4. Himalaya origins natural Kokum butter shampoo- this bar is suitable for normal to oily scalp and fizzy hair. it has no sulphates, No parabens and artificial fragrance and packed with nutrients from kokum butter which gives the hair a silky smooth finish . it promotes healthy hair growth and moisturize and condition your Hair. It is most suitable for oily and normal hair.

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5. Soul flower Rosemary lavender shampoo soap- It nourishes the scalp and control hair fall. This bar is filled with rosemary and lavender and jojoba oil helps in nourishing the scalp because of its rich and sudsy lather. It repairs the damaged hair and controls greasiness and controls hair fall and make your hair healthy and shiny. It is suitable for normal to dry hair scalp types and ideal for all climatic conditions.

6. Cold pressed ayurvedic shampoo- it is 100% ayurvedic hair cleanser which is deep nourishing and cleansing. it will give results in 3 weeks and controls hair fall and promotes hair growth. It will reduce the hairfall and promotes hair growth. It improves the scalp health and increase hair volume. it makes the hair thick and denser. It contains the 18 natural ingredients.

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7. Detoxing charcoal shampoo bar- it works as a scalp moisturizer aaranyam detoxifying activated charcoal and tea tree oil shampoo bar helps cleanse all these impurities , removes the sebum and deep cleanses the pores to let your hair breathe. It is rich in vitamin E which boosts hair growth and tea tree oil helps prevent buildup of chemicals and dead skin. It replenishes and strengthens hair while keeping them smooth and frizz free.

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