Lost Your ATM card check the steps to block it


Every person who uses an ATM card has to know how to disable one in an emergency. When your ATM card is lost, stolen, etc., you can block it. In order to prevent any unauthorized transactions, banks may also stop the ATM cards if they suspect fraud or that card information has been compromised.

Lets discuss the various ways to block your ATM card

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1. For an ATM card block, contact your bank- For a range of customer care services, all banks have customer service phone lines, many of which are toll-free. Restricting the use of ATM cards is one of the services available. Using pre-recorded directions that will guide you through the procedure, you can opt to block your card. You must input the card details. You’ll get an email or SMS on the phone number you gave during registration as soon as it’s done. A customer service agent may be assigned to you and linked to you in order to give you further help and verify that you are the card’s legal owner.

2. Blocking ATM cards using Net Banking- Find the part where you can view the data of all active cards or where the option to disable an ATM card is located if you use internet banking. In order to prevent the card from being unintentionally banned when you click on it, you will be prompted for further confirmation. The profile password for your net-banking account or an OTP will be required to validate further authentication. Once finished, a ticket number will appear on your screen to inform you of a successful ATM card block.

3. Block through SMS-You can request an ATM card block by sending an SMS to the number the bank provides in a certain format. Banks provide these SMS banking services. A confirmation mail containing the ticket number, blocking date, and blocking period for the ATM card will be sent to you.

4. Visiting the branch-You may always use your ATM card to go to the nearest branch of the bank where you have an account. The bank staff will assist you with blocking your card right away.

Reasons behind blocking ATM card

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1. Somebody has stolen your card.

2. when an ATM cash withdrawal or internet payment is made without authorization. Contact the bank officials if you haven’t made this transaction from your account.

3. SMS or email notifications about PIN changes, unsuccessful cash withdrawal attempts, failed online payments, etc.

You may avoid losing money by blocking a debit ATM card since a blocked card cannot be used to make online payments, move money between ATMs, change PINs, or withdraw cash from them.

Your ATM card may occasionally be blocked by the bank rather than you. Bank blocks automatic ATM cards for the reasons listed below:

1. When an older ATM card’s validity expires and a new ATM card is issued by the bank, the older card is automatically deactivated or blocked and the new one becomes operational.

2. When there is a security breach, the banks immediately restrict the account holders’ ATM cards. The banks then issue fresh cards to the holders of existing cards.

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3. Incorrect tries to log in with a PIN at an ATM. Three incorrect PIN entries will result in an automatic 24-hour card ban.

4. Every time a bank suspects a suspicious purchase or a fraudulent transaction, the user’s ATM card is automatically blocked. For instance, if your daily withdrawal limit is Rs. 10,000 and there is a transaction for Rs. 100,000 on a certain day. Then it results in an unusual buy. Large withdrawals that result in a negative balance in the bank account may also raise suspicions. The bank may block the ATM card in such cases.

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These are a few circumstances under which the bank could disable your card. In the event of data breach or card expiration, the bank will issue a replacement card without your permission. In other situations, you will need to fill out an application to request a new card or to request the unblocking of your present card. If a card is temporarily banned, it is also unblocked after 24 hours.

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