All you need to know about construction loans

construction loan

Construction loans are one of the many products that banks provide to meet the diverse demands of homebuyers and home owners. A construction loan and a home loan may share certain similarities, but they shouldn’t be mistaken for one another because they are fundamentally different financial products. Construction Loan To develop a residential property on an area of land, you…

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The Great Republic day sale 2023- sale will start on 14 Jan for prime members Shop Now

Great republic day sale

The e commerce giant Amazon has introduced his republic day sale for this year 2023. This Republic day sale will begin from January 15, 2023 and will end on January 20, 2023. This Republic day sale will start on 14 January for Prime members. So if you are a prime member you can grab the early deals and discounts.  SBI…

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What will happen if a cheque gets bounced and what are the penalties?


The computerized payment framework is picking up a considerable measure of popularity nowadays, which is just a sign of nation moving towards the digitization of payment without breaking or day to day work routine. Despite the fact that computerized payments are getting huge one ought not to disregard the procedure which was pursued to exchange cash starting with one financial…

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What is the ATM cash withdrawal limit for SBI, HDFC, PNB, ICICI, and Bank of Baroda banks?


The ATM cash withdrawal limit varies from bank to bank. More than that the amount a person can withdraw from an ATM also depends on the type of card the customer is using. As per SBI’s new rule, a customer can withdraw Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000. According to their website, this new rule will be applicable to all SBI…

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Own a debit card? You should know about its charges too


Your bank provides you various facilities like ATMs, online money transfer etc. but how does bank benefit from these services? Other than the interest that bank charges on the loan provided it also charges you with some fees and file charges in order to keep providing you these services. Benefits of debit cards- The card is encrypted with a 4…

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