WhatsApp Launches Group Calling on Android and iOS


Everyone uses WhatsApp, some use it for personal use to stay in touch with their loved ones and some for their businesses. Since the launch of WhatsApp, the developers have been adding a lot of features to make it user friendly. Now, WhatsApp has started their group video as well as voice calls feature too. This feature is reliable and…

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How to share real-time location on WhatsApp?


Thanks to the latest update by WhatsApp, now sharing our live location on Android smartphones as well as iPhones will be possible. So, from now on wherever you go and whenever you go, you can quickly let your loved one know about your whereabouts. Go freely and always be safe because now you will be able to share your live…

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29 million Facebook accounts hacked! Here’s how to check if your account was hacked or not


Facebook, one of the biggest internet based social media sites that has a huge number of users and month to month new users, gave subtle update on what can be called as one of the biggest information burglaries for the organization. The firm, in a blog entry affirmed the hacking news from a month ago and included that aggressors stole…

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WhatsApp will no longer work on IPhone 3GS and older versions!


Recently we saw the launch of OS12, and soon after that we got to know that Facebook owned WhatsApp messenger app will no longer work on any other OS devices prior to 7.1.2. However, the company has not made any official statement regarding this but since the last update of their FAQ sections, there were updates about some changes in…

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How to protect your WhatsApp account against hacking?


We all know that WhatsApp is encrypted end-to-end but even then, this popular chat application can also be hacked. Hackers know a lot of ways to hack and if your WhatsApp account gets compromised then you will lose a lot of personal data. Here, we will discuss the way how you can identify if your WhatsApp account has been compromised…

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Zuckerberg’s big plans for Facebook and Whatsapp in INDIA


Whatsapp and Facebook two of the biggest companies not only in India but worldwide. Their popularity is on peak and they continue to dominate the social media platforms with their new features and updates. The latest update of Whatsapp in India was for the Whatsapp Payments system, while it was only available for the beta testers, reports say approximately a…

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Whatsapp new feature to stop fake news


Whatsapp is the most used app for social networking, In India almost everyone who has internet access is on whatsapp. The app not only limits the interaction process to chat but also has the ability to make video calls, send video messages receive documents, all is possible through the app itself. And the main reason why it is so much…

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